The conference offers a great platform and opportunity for performers, performing arts educators and teachers to demonstrate their methods and techniques, to share creative work with an international audience from different countries and to find new collaboration partners.*

If you wish to register just as a participant, please click here >

Registration and Submission Guidelines For Speakers:

Presentation formats

    • practical workshop/master class

    • work in progress demonstration

    • performance fragment not requiring special technical conditions

    • interactive talk / lecture / discussion

    • photo / video demonstration

    • exhibition / installation

    • research presentation

    • other presentations offered by Speakers can be considered

The conference working language is English.

To submit your presentation proposal, please, complete the following steps:

1) Send the following information to

    • A brief letter of motivation stating the conference dates and describing the purpose of your application.

    • Presentation title and format: clearly describe whether it is a physical/practical workshop or a "sitting" talk, conversation, lecture; indicate presentation duration.

    • Brief presentation overview and plan - about 250 words.

    • Technical requests (for example, CD player, video projector, speakers, flip chart, etc.); and spatial requests (empty room suitable for movement or conversation/lecture style).

    • Detailed CV.

    • Brief biography - about 100 words.

    • Headshot (good quality JPG), several additional photos (optional).

2) Fill in the online Application Form for a Speakers

3) Upon approval of your presentation proposal, complete your registration by transferring the registration fee

Important notes for Speakers / Presenters: in preparing your presentation, please consider the following:

  • Practical and interactive formats of presentation are very welcome.

  • The duration of each presentation slot is 60 minutes (including follow-up questions).

  • If the Presenter would like to book a longer slot in the program, the conditions can be negotiated individually (subject to availability in the program).

  • Individual or group presentations are welcome.

  • Presenter's and Speakers are welcome to bring their promotional materials, booklets, flyers, cards, DVDs, book samples, etc. to share with participants.

  • Conference participants represent various artistic practices, genres, techniques and styles.

  • Your colleagues will come from different countries of the world, for some of them English is not a native language.

  • The conference program is forming quickly, the number of presentation slots is limited.

Information about the presentation space:

  • The size of the studio is around 200 m².

  • The floor is a wooden parquet.

    • The studio can be easily arranged as the space for a practical workshop without any furniture, perfect for movement, or for a discussion/lecture-style presentation with tables and chairs.

    • There is possibility to have WiFi connection in the studio.

  • Space possibility for an exhibition at other territories of the castle can be discussed individually.

  • Additional technical possibilities can be discussed upon request.

The conference provides the presentation space, technical equipment and support during the presentation, access to WiFi Internet (upon request), presentation web-page with the presentation description and links, presentation promotion in the conference resources and social networks, participation in all other events of the conference program, formal Letter of Appreciation confirming the participation in the conference (upon submitting a short creative report/essay after the event).

Registration fees for a presentation slot of 60 minutes:

Photo album

Considering current state of things in the world with the gloval pandemics, IUGTE may offer special flexible registration conditions for Speakers, contact us for more details>

*For presentation groups consisting of more than three persons, there is an extra fee of 50 EUR for each additional person.

*Registration fee increases periodically as the dates of the conference approach.

The meals, accommodation and the travel expenses covered by participants and speakers independently.

If your family members would like to accompany you for the trip and stay together at the venue, please contact us, individually, to discuss the possibilities and room availability as the number of spots in the venue is limited. We shall be happy to offer the optimal solution for you.

IUGTE Staff will be happy to help you with planning your travel itinerary and practical details.

* If you do not have the possibility to visit IUGTE Conference, we would be glad to offer you a wonderful opportunity of sharing your promo materials with international audience during the program - simply mail out your booklets, cards, DVDs, book samples, publications (or any other format) by post.

Please contact us for more details, we shall be happy to provide more information on this option.

Organized by IUGTE in collaboration with ArtUniverse and NIPAI.